Director Dmitry Serdyuk


April 4, 2022. Svetlanov Hall, Moscow International House of Music

  • II International Music Festival "Energy of Discoveries"
  • Drama performance "A man, who never existed", accompanied by a symphony orchestra
  • Music by Alexei Zhivotov
  • Director – Dmitry Serdyuk

It is a performance in the genre of a historical detective story – the search for a missing person. We know him, but we don't know anything about him. The composer is known, but the person is not. Why did he disappear under the ice of the epoch? Actors of the Theater of Nations transform into characters of time – Anna Akhmatova, Igor Severyanin, Nikolai Gumilyov, Dmitri Shostakovich and others. Every fate is a melody, and life is an orchestra.

Dmitry Serdyuk

Dmitry Serdyuk graduated from the Kharkov Arts Lyceum and the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts (Sergei Golomazov’s workshop) and was invited to the troupe of the Moscow-based Malaya Bronnaya Drama Theatre, where he played the lead roles in many performances. He currently serves for the Theatre of Nations and is the author and performer in one-man shows "Our everything…Brodsky. Face a look of uncommon" and "Akhmatova. Witness". As a director he staged the performances "Our everything ... the Metaphysics of Love" and "Through My Eyes".
Dmitry Serdyuk acts as Lvov in Chekhov's "Ivanov" and is a narrator in the Theatre of Nations’ performances "The Taming of the Shrew", "An Honest Conman" and "Pushkin’s Fairy Tales". He also acted in Andrei Eshpai’s film "Kuprin" (Gambler) and Yuri Muzyka’s "Favorite" (Peter III).